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Willing Workers
Workplace Health & Safety


Safety at work is critical for all employers and employees. Safety at work is everyones responsibility and Supervisors/Managers are always available to answer questions you may have or provide assistance if you are uncertain of safe work practices.

You will need to complete an online safety training prior to starting your employment as well as complete training once you arrive at your new job.

Clothing: Sun protective long sleeved high visibility shirt, enclosed shoes or steelcap workboots (sandals/thongs are not acceptable), broadbrimmed hat. Personal Protective Equipment will be provided if it is required for specific roles.

Other Items: Sunscreen, sufficient drinking water (at least 4 litres per day), food

Picking and Packing Safety: Stand well clear (at least 5 metres) of all moving machinery and vehicles. Stay clear of all other areas of the farm/property unless specifically instructed by your Supervisor. Ensure you have read all safety instructions provided by the farm you are working on and are aware of the safety precautions required for the equipment and conditions you will be working in. Ask for more information if you are unclear of any instructions provided.

Incident Reporting:  All incidents must be reported immediately to your Supervisor

Drugs and Alcohol: Drugs and alcohol are not permitted while at work as they represent a significant safety risk to yourself and your co-workers. Willing Workers resereves the right to do random drug and alcohol testing at any time and any staff affected by drugs or alcohol will be removed from the workplace and offered assistance to get home. You will be required to take another test prior to returning to work.


You must complete the WillingWorkers online safety prior to starting work. This training and assessment takes approximately 30 minutes to complete and you must register online and complete this using the link below.


 WillingWorkers Safety Training Assessment


I acknowledge and agree to adhere to the above Workplace Health & Safety guidelines and understand that my failure to meet these requirements may result in instant contract termination.